January 18, 2021

Write for Malindi Life: How to Become a Contributing Blogger

Malindi Jetty

Hey! Do you love Malindi as much as we do? Are you able to string a couple of sentences together…in English or Kiswahili?

People often ask me if we are looking for any new writers. Truth is, we are always looking for genuinely kind and fun people who get what Malindi Life is all about and want to write unique articles about the town.

What type of articles are we looking for?
  • An interview of someone making a difference – around Malindi.
  • Best places to hang out with kids
  • Write about Top 10 Makeup Artists in Malindi
  • Best places to eat pizza in Malindi
  • Write about an upcoming event(s)
  • Reliable historic event or story of Malindi
  • A collection of cool photos of Malindi
  • Business or tech tips
  • Entertainment news/ updates
  • Humor
  • Political
  • Much more… (Be creative)


What do Malindi Life Contributing Bloggers get?
  • Malindi Life Branded T-shirt
  • Business cards
  • Branded Email (yourname@malindilife.com)
  • Malindi Life branded diary
  • Invite to hang out with us at our quarterly Blog For Malindi events
  • It also goes without saying that you get your writing seen by a ridiculous number of people. As a Contributing Blogger, your bio will appear on our About page, with a link to your social media account or website if you like.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Am I paid for the articles I write?
A. No. No Malindi Life blogger (myself included) has ever accepted payment for an article. We want to stay objective in all that we write. We all volunteer to do this because we love Malindi.

Q. Is there any way for me to earn money by working as a Contributing Blogger for Malindi Life?
A. Yes. Any contributing blogger who brings in a sponsor will receive 50% of whatever the sponsor pays each month for the first sponsor, as long as they remain a sponsor of Malindi Life, and 20% of any additional sponsors they bring in.

Q. How many articles am I supposed to write per month?
A. You should commit to write at least 2-4 articles (each of 400+ words) per month.

Q. Can I write about anything I want to?
A. All article topics must be approved by the Editor. But generally, if your idea is about Malindi, you can write about it. The exceptions to this are we don’t publish articles that is PG-13 in nature.

Q. That’s lame, why can’t I write about those things?
A. Well, we hope to always have sponsors. Sponsors can be pretty picky about what they get behind, so we don’t dabble in those sort of things.

Q. What is the average time commitment for writing two articles per month?
A. The short answer is probably 3-5 hours per month, depending on your writing speed and the preparation required for your article. But figure it this way. You are going to be out and about in Malindi anyway. Snap a few shots, do a quick interview and write 400+ interesting words. Then send them to the Editor and that’s it.

So yes, we are looking for writers. If you have a passion for Malindi, you can write, and you are genuinely kind, send us an email to:


In your email, include the following:

  • One paragraph about who you are and why you’d like to write for Malindi Life.
  • Your social links – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
  • A headshot photo of yourself.
  • At least 2 sample articles you have written.


Daniel Ngala
Founder, Malindi Life

Cover Photo Courtesy of Adam Mwero