September 28, 2020

Where Bebabeba got his match in a woman…

One kilometer from Barclays Bank on your way to the Malindi Prison sits Mtangani Village.

Twelve years ago today, the renowned witch buster Bebabeba had been called by elders to cleanse the whole village of witches and give them an oath not to practice again. A fundraiser for his fees and living expenses had been held and the Sh. 58,000/= he had asked for realized in a day.

In the morning hours he had busted several witches in the same village and people had been excited to watch old men being carried on Beba’s back before being shaved and the oath administered. So during his last assignment of the day, at this Mwangowa clansmen home Beba’s percussionists started playing as he danced to invite the high spirits. And the digging to exhume evil paraphernalia allegedly buried in the compound began.

The large crowd became ecstatic. By now Beba was stark naked!

But soon after he inserted his right hand to remove the objects he quickly threw it out as if he had been hit by an electric shock and fell two meters from the hole in a convulsion with his mouth foaming! Nothing was heard except the ‘Grrrrrrrr’ sound of his gnashing teeth. One of his assistants shouted, “Baba nikupumzishe mzigo?” and went to knock his head against his. He was also thrown away by the forces until three other assistants went to knock their heads simultaneously with Beba’s. That’s when the evil power was ‘shared’ among the 4 witch busters and contained.

Beba woke up and asked for a big mug of cold water to drink. He later dusted off himself and walked to his hired car and came out with a ‘gora’ of khangas and 2 kikoys which he respectfully handed over to a woman in her 60s seated on a stool in front of one of the home’s houses; weaving a ruffia rope and unperturbed. He shook her hand and said, “Mame dzakuishimu!”

And he quickly drove off.

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