September 21, 2020

Unapendeza: This new jam from Swanky will make your day

unapendeza - swanky otr

It’s beyond any reasonable doubt that your home boy Swanky OTr has now mastered the art of writing love songs, if his latest jam is anything to go by.

Titled Unapendeza, the song was produced by Raah Touch of Pillarworks  Studios and the video was directed by Director BM.

Unapendeza is a slow-paced and enchanting love tune dedicated to a beautiful lover that has captured a man’s heart for all the good reasons.

Is this Swanky’s best song yet? I will leave you to decide.

Oh, and the vixen, Fashy Brown, did an amazing job here

Watch it here or head over to Am sure it’s gonna make your day.

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