January 17, 2021

Sponsor Malindi Life

If you appreciate what we do, we’d appreciate it if you’d sponsor Malindi Life. In return, we will get your local business out in front of thousands of Malindians reading our blog monthly.

If you sponsor Malindi Life, we will place your company logo on every page and article we have on the site. We will also write a sponsored article for your business/ services/ products/ events/ special offers. Each article is optimized for search engines, which increases the online visibility of your sponsorship.

Your sponsorship helps us keep Malindi Life running. We have stuff to pay for like web hosting, software, business cards and more. By sponsoring us, you keep something really special in Malindi (that supports local) going.

Unlike other Malindi blogs, we’re committed to advertising for Malindi-based businesses only. We’re family-friendly and never publish content that would discredit you or your business, and we don’t allow competing ads.

We are much more affordable than any other advertising we know of in the area, and we already have your customer base as our readers!


Request for rates on:

Email: info@malindilife.com
Tel: 0705272632


Also, if you love us and just want to appreciate us by buying us some coffee, feel free to MPESA 0705 272632.

We love you right back!



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