January 19, 2021

Mtu wa I.T: Resolving blurred Windows 10 menu items

The diary of an I.T. person, with a touch of humor

One of my clients called me today regarding the display of her office computer and a printer that had completely ‘refused’ to pick the papers.

Don’t be surprised, I’m a web designer and I handle digital marketing most of the time. But before going into that niche I used to fix computers for my clients. I still do. And since to most people, being mtu wa I.T. means you can fix anything technical, I had no reason to let my client down.

So I rush to my client’s office and am immediately shown the printer that’s ‘on strike’. Before I touch it, I ask the lady to try printing a document so I can know what the issue is. She doubts, lamenting that the printer had refused to pick the papers since the day before, but reluctantly goes ahead, opens an already typed document and sends it to the printer. It prints!

“Whaaat!” She looks at me, surprised. Then she goes on and prints another document. Again, it prints. Now we are talking about the 3-in-1 type of printer. EPSON L382, to be precise. To confirm, she goes ahead and scans a document. It scans.

“Unajua hizi vitu zikiona mtu wa I.T. zinabehave!” she observes.

“Ni kama”,  I agree with a smile.

Having resolved that, or rather, the issue having resolved itself, I go on to ask what’s wrong with the computer. The lady clicks on the Start Menu and shows me the fuzzy/ blurry icons and text.

“I can’t even read this!” she complains.

Sawa, let me check it out.” I respond as she gets up and tells me to sit down.

I spend the next 30 minutes figuring out what the hell went wrong. I have never faced this issue before. From my college days at the small lab with computers running Windows 98, to Windows Millenium, then Windows XP. Enyewe nimezeeka.

Remembering my friend Google, I type a string of words related to the problem. Something like “Windows 10 blurred menu items” on the desktop browser, and am taken to http://www.xpexplorer.com/installers/2.1/Windows10_DPI_FIX.exe

After downloading the installer, I run it on the desktop as shown and click Apply.

After restarting the pc, everything is clear again.

Whoaaa! I fixed it!

Thanks to Google.

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