January 18, 2021

“Mogoka” takes a man into a comma in Malindi

A 29 years old man is receiving treatment in a private hospital in Malindi after consuming leaves of a drug locally known as “mogoka”.

According to the clinical officer in charge, Mr. Timothy Muteti went to the clinic crying, difficulty in breathing and eventually couldn’t utter a word.

Damaris Muteti, Timothy’s mother said, his son, who is a matatu operator went home in the evening crying after the consumption. She confirmed to have warned him several times but he could not listen.

“I have warned Timothy several times but he can’t listen.”


According to the doctor, Mr. Muteti must have taken the drug in an empty stomach. As a result, the acid which is produced to assist in digestion had got nothing to digest. In process of regurgitation, the acid aspirated and in response, difficulty in breathing occurred.

Famau Mohamed Famau, the chairman of Anti-Drugs Association in Coast  region said, 75% of youth in Malindi Sub-County have resorted to taking drugs and efforts to rehabilitate them have not bore any fruits.

He asked for government intervention especially during this period where most of the youth are unemployed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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